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The Highlands
of Louisville, KY USA

Home of the famous
Bardstown Rd. and Baxter Ave.

Highland Commerce Guild

Wheels and Feet Share the Street!

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Graffiti Abatement: Report and Support
Board of Directors
Bardstown Road Aglow
The First Saturday in December
Since 1985!
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District 8 Metro Councilman
Tom Owen
Map of The Highlands

Relevant Metro Louisville Initiatives:

Bardstown Road Overlay District
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Highland Commerce Guild - Business Association of The Highlands Of Louisville, KY USA


Become a Member Meetings Events Contact Us Graffiti
Larry Rother President

(502) 235-2707

Coffee News Louisville
Aaron Givhan Vice President (502) 417-7610
Givhan & Mitchell Realtors
Mark A. Abrams Treasurer &
Graffiti Abatement
(502) 594-7372
Business Consultant
Jordan Clemons Secretary and
(502) 451-0600
Kentucky Financial Group
Nick Morris Advertising/Marketing
and Art Committee Chair
Board Member
(502) 587-8273
Safety and Security Store
Ed Fallon Board Member
Park Community Credit Union
Karen Finlinson Board Member
Park Community Credit Union
Mary Beth Rother Administrator and
Bardstown Road Aglow
(502) 314-0694
Highlands Publishing Co.
Dustin Markwell Ambassador (502) 259-9700
Chapman Appraisals
George Timmering Immediate Past President and
BROD Committee Member
(502) 819-7432
Bearno's Pizza
Kelli Milligan

Past President and
HCG Consultant

(502) 585-5727
(502) 500-7760 cell
Renaissance by Design
Terra Long

Assistant to Tom Owen
8th District

(502) 574-1108
Louisville Metro

Thank you to Sue Mullins and Kristina Carpenter for your service!

In Memoriam... Jim Goodwin
P.O. Box 4516
Louisville, KY 40204-4516

For information, contact Larry Rother: (502) 235-2707

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