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Home of the famous
Bardstown Rd. and Baxter Ave.

Highland Commerce Guild

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Graffiti Abatement: Report and Support
Board of Directors
Bardstown Road Aglow
The First Saturday in December
Since 1985!
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District 8 Metro Councilman
Tom Owen
Map of The Highlands

Relevant Metro Louisville Initiatives:

Bardstown Road Overlay District
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Highland Commerce Guild - Business Association of The Highlands Of Louisville, KY USA


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Your Business Has a Voice in Louisville
Make it Loud and Clear!

Join the Highland Commerce Guild!

Become a Member of the Highland Commerce Guild!
  • Advocacy of business interests
  • Promotion of a merchant-friendly atmosphere in the area
  • Highlands business promotions such as Bardstown Road Aglow, one of the largest winter holiday festivals in Louisville, and Bardstown Bound
  • Access to individuals in local government and organizations, including:  Louisville Metro Government, Our 8th Legislative District, Our 5th Police District, LG&E, TARC, Co-Alliance of Business Associations, Metro Development Authority, and Bardstown Road Overlay Committee
  • Access to our representative in the US House of Representatives
  • E-mail news about the Highlands Business District and upcoming events
  • Meetings with special guest speakers providing opportunities to meet and network with other Highlands businesses and discuss issues
  • Business corridor clean-up
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Placement of decorative waste receptacles and outdoor smoker's receptacles along the business corridor

    The Highland Commerce Guild has been instrumental in maintaining the merchant-friendly atmosphere of the Bardstown Road / Baxter Avenue area.  With your involvement, the voice of business will be stronger than ever!

Thanks for Your Support!

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