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The Back Door William Dean's is a full service salon with designers available for your special event hairdos. Plus La Belle Boutique featuring handmade leather bags and purses! Sam Wheeler is your Highlands State Farm Agent!  Visit him at the corner of Bardstown Rd. and Lancashire or online at! Real Estate Questions?  Ask Aaron!  Click to see Real Estate listings in the Highlands and all of Louisville! Highlands Community Ministries... Uniting Neighbors & Building Community with programs for our neighbors of all ages, with the help of your kind donations.  Thank You!

The Highlands
of Louisville, KY USA

Home of the famous
Bardstown Rd. and Baxter Ave.
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The Shops at Deer Park Ave. - a unique variety of shops, restuarants, and services.  On Bardstown Rd. at Deer Park Ave... across from the Farmer's Market!

Real Estate Questions?  Ask Aaron!  Click to see Real Estate listings in the Highlands and all of Louisville!

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Map of The Highlands American Legion Highlands Post 201 Louisville, KY Eastern Cemetery Louisville, KY Highlands Community Ministries Shops at Deer Park Ave. The Back Door Institute Shopping Commercial Services Home of the Innocents Big Rock Area of Cherokee Park Warheim Park Louisville Free Public Library Highlands-Shelby Branch Shops at Deer Park Ave Phoenix Hill Neighborhood Neighborhoods Seneca Golf Course Farmington Historic Plantation Bonnycastle Homestead Original Highlands Neighborhood Tyler Park Willow Park Douglass Park and Community Center Deer Park Neighborhood Business Corridor Original Highlands Neighborhood Phoenix Hill Neighborhood Belknap Neighborhood Cherokee Golf Course Bonnycastle Homestead Neighborhood Louisville Zoo Cherokee Triangle Neighborhood Highland Commerce Guild Business Association Tom Owen, 8th District MetroCouncil Bon Air Neighborhood Mural Cherokee Triangle Neighborhood City of Strathmoor Manor Business Corridor Kingsley Neighborhood Cherokee Park Irish Hill Neighborhood Business Corridor Highlands-Douglass N.A. Original Highlands Neighborhood City of Wellington City of Strathmoor Village Louisville Tennis Center City of Seneca Gardens Irish Hill Neighborhood Upper Highlands Neighborhood Cave Hill Cemetery Creason Park Tyler Park Neighborhood Olmstead Park Conservancy Bowman Field Louisville Nature Center & Preserve Cherokee Triangle Neighborhood Restaurants and Desserts Coffee Shops and Bars... places to hang out German Paristown

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  Name Type Street Address ZipCode Phone (502)
2 Lounge Bar 1745 Bardstown Rd. 40205 502.881.9355
Air Devil's Inn Bar 2802 Taylorsville Rd. 40205 (502) 454-4443
Akiko's Karaoke Bar Karaoke 1123 Bardstown Road 40204 (502) 459-8020
American Legion Highland Post 201 Bar 2919 Bardstown Rd. 40205 (502) 458-1525
Asiatique Bar 1767 Bardstown Road 40205 (502) 451-2749
Bambi Bar Bar 2701 Bardstown Road 40205 (502) 456-9635
Barret Bar Bar 1012 Barret Avenue 40204 (502) 458-9640
Baxter Jack's Sports Bar 433 Baxter Avenue 40204 (502) 587-8391
Baxter's 942 Bar and Grill Bar 942 Baxter Ave. 40204 (502)409-9422
Bearno's Pizza Highlands Bar 1318 Bardstown Rd. 40204 502.456.4556
Big Bar Bar 1202 Bardstown Rd. 40204
Breadworks Coffee Shop 2204 Dundee Road 40205 (502) 452-1510
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Bristol Bar & Grille Bar 1321 Bardstown Rd. 40204 (502) 456-1702
Buffalo Wild Wings Sports Bar 1055 Bardstown Road 40204 (502) 454-3635
Cafe Lou Lou Bar 2216 Dundee Road 40205
Cahoots Bar 1047 Bardstown Road 40204 (502) 459-5275
Chill Bar Highlands Bar 1117 Bardstown Rd. 40204
Cumberland Brews Bar 1576 Bardstown Road 40205 (502) 458-8727
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Day's Espresso & Coffee Coffee Shop 1420 Bardstown Rd. 40204 (502) 456-1170
Diamond Pub & Billiards Bar 630 Barret Avenue 40204
Diamond Station Bar & Grill Bar 2280 Bardstown Rd. 40205
DiOrio's Pizza & Pub Bar 919 Baxter Ave. 40204 502.599.2841
Dundee Tavern & Grill Bar 2224 Dundee Road 40205 (502) 458-6637
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Shop 1250 Bardstown Rd. 40204 (502) 290-3865
Flanagan's Ale House Bar 934 Baxter Ave. 40204 (502) 585-3700
Friends Hookah Cafe Hookah Lounge 1043 Bardstown Rd. 40204
Great Flood Brewing Company Taproom 2120 Bardstown Rd. 40205
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Heine Brothers Coffee Douglass Loop Coffee Shop 2200 Bardstown Road 40205 (502) 515-0380
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Heine Brothers Coffee Gardiner Ln. Coffee Shop 3060 Bardstown Rd. 40205
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Heine Brothers Coffee Longest Ave. Coffee Shop 1295 Bardstown Road 40204 (502) 456-5108
Hideaway Saloon- The Bar 1607 Bardstown Road (Rear) 40205 (502) 485-0114
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Highland Coffee Company Coffee Shop 1140-C Bardstown Road 40204 (502) 451-4545
Highlands Tap Room Grill Bar 1058 Bardstown Rd. 40204 502.584.5222
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Kern's Korner Tavern Bar 2600 Bardstown Road 40205 (502) 456-9726
Laughing Derby Stand-up Comedy 1250 Bardstown Rd. 40204 (502) 459-0022
Left Field Lounge Bar 2282 Bardstown Road 40205 (502) 458-3098
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Louisville Free Public Library Study 1250 Bardstown Rd. 40204 (502) 574-1672
Mellow Mushroom 1023 Bardstown Rd. 40204 502-749-7690
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Molly Malone's Bar 933 Baxter Avenue 40204 (502) 473-1222
Monkey Wrench Bar 1025 Barret Avenue 40204 (502) 582-2433
NoWhere Bar Bar 1133 Bardstown Rd. 40204
O'Shea's Irish Pub Bar/Restaurant 956 Baxter Ave. 40204 (502) 589-7373
O'Shea's Patio Bar/Restaurant 956 Baxter Ave. 40204 (502) 589-7373
Outlook Inn Bar 916 Baxter Avenue 40204 (502) 583-4661
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Panera Bread Cafe 1534 Bardstown Rd. 40205 (502) 459-8160
Phoenix Hill Tavern- Inc. Bar 644 Baxter Avenue 40204 (502) 589-4957
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Quills Coffee Coffee Shop 930 Baxter Ave. 40204 502.742.6129
Rivercity Drafthouse Bar 1574 1/2 Bardstown Road 40205
Safai Coffee Coffee Shop 1707 Bardstown Rd. 40205 (502) 384-3555
Shenanigan's Irish Grille Bar 1611 Norris Place 40205 (502) 454-3919
Sol Azteca's Grill & Cantina Bar 2427 Bardstown Road 40205 (502) 459-7776
Wireless Internet Hot Spot Starbucks Coffee Shop 972 Baxter Avenue 40204 (502) 625-1815
The Back Door Bar 1250 Bardstown Road #7 40204 (502) 451-0659
The Bard's Town Bar 1801 Bardstown Rd. 40205 (502) 749-5275
The Holy Grale Bar 1034 Bardstown Rd. 40204
The Planet Bar 1565 Bardstown Rd. 40205 (502) 654-7866
Time and Space Bar 1279 Bardstown Road 40204
Vacant Hookah Lounge Hookah Lounge 1220 Bardstown Rd. 40204
Vines and Canines Wine Bar 1985 Douglass Boulevard 40205 502.409.5141
Wick's Pizza Parlor & Pub Bar 975 Baxter Avenue 40204 (502) 458-1828

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