The Back Door Restaurant, Theater and Lounge devoted to Local Art, Local Food, and Local Drink. A Side of Muse served daily. You'll find Unqiue, Affordable, Local Art at StudioWorks!  Eastern Parkway at Bardstown Rd., parking in rear.  Eye Exams, Eyeglasses, and Contact Lenses with Dr. Michael Martorana, O.D. Dr. Jennifer Beavin promotes healthy smiles in the Highlands for adults and kids! Conveniently located at the Douglass Loop.
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The Highlands
of Louisville, KY USA

Home of the famous
Bardstown Rd. and Baxter Ave.

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Historical Tidbits
Mid City Lanes 1964

The Douglass Loop, located in the Belknap Neighborhood, was once the end-of-the line and turnaround for the trolley.
Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery. Read about more famous burials at Cave Hill Cemetery...
Cherokee Park, Tyler Park, Seneca Park, Willow Park & Eastern Parkway are part of the last park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the creator of New York's Cental Park, and one of only five such systems across the country. Read more about F.L. Olmsted and the Olmsted Park Conservancy...
Louisvillian Sculptor Enid Bland Yandell used Daniel Boone’s own hunting shirt, flintlock rifle, tomahawk, scalping knife, and powder horn while modeling the plaster cast for the bronze statue now located at the Eastern Parkway entrance to Cherokee Park. She also sculpted the statue of Pan at Hogan's Fountain. Soure: The Filson Historical Society
The currently operational firestation, 4th district Engine 20, located on Bardstown Rd. @ Maryland Ave., in the Bonnycastle Homestead Neighborhood, once used horses to pull the fire trucks, and the stables that housed those horses are still standing today in the back of the firestation.

I.N. Bloom Elementary, located in the Tyler Park Neighborhood, was named after Dr. I.N. Bloom and built in 1896. The school underwent an approximate $7 million renovation in 2004, at the urging of the community, rather than a new school being built on the Atherton H.S. campus.

The Great Flood of 1937 devasted downtown Louisville and waters were high at the intersection of Broadway and Baxter (click for picture from UofL's special collection). Whiskey barrels were connected together and run across lower Baxter Ave. as a floating dock for a temporary passage.
In contrast, higher parts of the aptly-named Highlands, such as residences in the Deer Park Neighborhood and Highland Junior High (now known as Highland Middle School), were a refuge for those displaced by the flood.
The April 3, 1974 Tornado ripped through Louisville and directly down Eastern Parkway from Bardstown Rd. and into Cherokee Park. Experts estimated that 10,000 trees were lost in the 90 seconds the tornado spent in the park. Source: Tornado: A Look Back at Louisville's Dark Day by William S. Butler.
Farmington Historic Plantation, nestled in the City of Wellington off of Bardstown Rd. at I-264, was a 19th century Hemp Plantation owned by John and Lucy Speed. It was designed from a plan by Thomas Jefferson and built with slave labor. Read more...
Bowman Field, bordering the Seneca Park Golf course, was built in 1919 and is the longest continuously operating, general aviation airport in the United States. Read more...
Princeton Drive, Harvard Drive, and Yale Drive, located in the Deer Park and Belknap neighborhoods, were named after these well-known universities at the time this site was destined to be the location of the University of Louisville, back in the early 1900s.
The Baxter Avenue Morgue, currently a haunted attraction, was originally opened in 1901 by Victor Vanderdark as the Vanderdark Morgue. In 1932, Vanderdark mysteriously disappeared. His son, Warren, continued to operate the morgue as the city investigated reports of bizarre mistakes and unusual business practices. Two years later, Warren Vanderdark's wife and 8-year old daughter also mysteriously disappeared. Read more from source KET Mixed Media...

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